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Fionnuala Wilson

Junior Front-end developer based in London

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js weather app

JS Weather App

An interactive weather app I created as my final project for SheCodes Plus. Using OpenWeatherMap API, this weather app provides real-time data for weather conditions of cities around the world. Users are also able to obtain weather data for their current location, as well as choose to view the weather temperature in either °C or °F.
Built with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

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React Weather App

Another final project for SheCodes React - I recreated this app based off the original Weather App using React components.
Built with React, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

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react weather app
react dictionary app

React Dictionary App

One of my final projects for SheCodes React. This dictionary app uses two APIs - Dictionary and Pexels to populate data, as well as images every time a word is entered in the search bar. It also has an audio function to provide the pronunciation of the results.
Built with React, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

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